Юг Мьянмы

Мье (Архипелаг Мергуи)
Благодаря географической изолированности архипелага от остального мира, острова и окружающие морские глубины изобилуют редчайшими видами флоры и фауны. Здесь обитают попугаи, какаду, редкие виды коршуна «брахма», цапли, слоны, обезьяны, олени, тигры и носороги. Единственные представители рода человеческого – т.н. «морские цыгане», занятое рыболовством племя кочевников, образ жизни которых остался неизменным с далеких времен.

Dawei is the capital of Thanintharyi Division in the south of Myanmar. It was founded in 1750 AD. Dawei longyi (sarong) is famous among the Myanmar. The area produces rubber, dried fish and teakwood. There is also an one refinery at Kamyawkin Smelting Plant nearby. Situated about 614.3km south of Yangon on the northern bank of the Dawei River. About two day by car from Yangon and 50 minute by air from Yangon. Myanmar Airways flies to Dawei 5 days a week.

Formerly called Victoria point, Kawthaung is a southern most town in Myanmar. It is 921km from Yangon and 622km from Mawlamyine. From Ranong, a border town in Thailand, visitors can takes 20 minutes boat trips to Kawthaung for sightseeing & shopping. 45 minutes by air from Yangon. It takes about 2 days by special boats. Traveling by air and boat is recommended for comfort and safety while travel by road is not advised as it is less comfortable for visitors.

For visit, Lampi Marine Biological Park, Salone Village, Shwe Kyun (Runel Island), where there is a goldmine and is 48km northwest of Kawthaung. Iron island at Day Wuit kyun is 72 km south of Kawthaung. Tungsten is found in this area. Andaman Club on the Thahtay Kyun Island is located west of Kawthaung.