Myanmar Movie Night


Apart from very few of us who prefer to exist as reclusive. We have to smile and admit that ever, so often, it sure is a great feeling o go to the movies.


In a country like Myanmar, where you do not even understand a word of the language, you would not expect to be interested in local Myanmar Movies, let alone go and see one.


And yet, as soon as discovered, movie-going is not only alive and well in Myanmar but the cinema halls are usually packed with feature films from Hollywood-India. Hollywood-California, gangsters and king-fu epics from Hong Kong and also Myanmar Movies holding their own amidst the competition.


Myanmar are Movie Goers.

And Myanmar Films go back half-a-century or more with Young and old simply asking for more. In fact, Movies are still the main entertainment in towns and cities all over Myanmar and in spite of stiff competition from video companies churning out and endless variety of Myanmar video-films, cinemas still thrive and hang out the "House Full" sign when they run Myanmar feature films.


Surprisingly, although special fx are not yet part of the Myanmar films, the down-to-earth Themes, the stories highlighting the culture and history of its peoples, the slapstick comedies, the "action" dramas with considerable influence from Jackie Chan st al, appeal to the movie-goers while creating mega-stars out of the actors and actresses in the industry.

Movie night is an experience to be remembered.

While slowly absorbing visual information about the country and the people, the audience, even if spellbound is hardly sitting still. There is nibbling, chewing, whispering-more crunching and nibbling and, just like all movie audiences, laughter, oohs and aahs as the good-humored crowded enjoy the film.

True, cinematography often leaves much to be desired but the entertainment value is obvious, even for the local fans. Scenes of rural life - the Hero coming upon a group of village rowdies planning mischief while guzzling toddy-palm; young boys astride water buffaloes meandering through the paddies evoking peace and simplicity; scenes of the hustle and rush of big-city life as the school-teacher heroine scrambles aboard a packed bus and yet gets up a bus stop later to donate her seat to a elderly men bring lasting impressions of the raw realism of Myanmar movie.
Would that they never commercialize.

And bravo for Myanmar movies - with their legion of fans, movie-going is still pure enjoyment.

Myanmar Movie Night