Meditation and Buddhism

Myanmar is one of the five countries still practicing and teaching Theravada Buddhism, together with Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. There are many Theravada School in Myanmar, the aim of the Theravada School is to liberate everyone from suffering, Birth is followed by the constant struggle to live and survive including sickness, loss of relatives and dear ones, separation from the one who love, having to work or live together with people who we dislike etc., eventually ending up in old age and death, to be reborn again with all the misery and suffering that are characteristics of life. The purpose of Buddhism is succeeding in leading a happy, satisfied and peaceful life concerning one and other beings.


Information about Meditation

This can be reached only by respecting high moral values, e.g. the basic five moral precepts taught by the Buddha, which (very briefly) are to refrain from killing 

any living being, from taking intoxicants such as alcohol or drugs. This moral base provides for a well-balanced, content and peaceful life that results in happiness. But these are non-lasting elements in life, impermanent and having to be acquired through your efforts again and again, peacefulness and satisfaction, in one word: Nibbana (Sanskrit: Nirvana), i.e. being forever liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth and therefore liberated from all kinds of sufferings.


There is only one way to attain this supreme state of bliss, and this is meditation, more precisely "Vipassana-Meditation". Vipassana means " insight into things as they really are" and "implies simply the practical or experimental part of Buddhism. According to the Buddha who discovered this way on his own, meditation is the only means to realize.

Meditation and Buddhism