Monk in Myanmar

Myanmar is Buddhist country where visitors are often stunned by the number and splendor of its pagodas as well as by the frequent sights of the brown-coloured robes worn by Buddhist monks who have devoted their lives to the studies and practices of Theravada Buddhism.

Usually every male Myanmar will become a monk or a novice at least once in his lifetime.


Life of monk

Being a monk is not a permanent irrevocable decision as they can disrobe and ordain again whenever wished or needed. The ordination ceremony is the most important and meritorious event for a Myanmar Family. Being a monk is attaining the noblest level of human existence for Buddhists.


As a monk, he will submit to the 227 rules of discipline established by the Lord Buddha.


Some rules e.g. include celibacy, not to handle money or jewellery and not to eat afternoon.


Monks usually study in their young age the Pali-scripture. These studies imply several Examinations on different levels. After a successful study period, there will be usually a meditation retreat following for the practical experience and one day, the monk will preside over a monastry as an abbot and teacher if he is respected, instructed and of reproachless lifestyle.


For daily life of monk, in the morning at dawn, monks usually leave their monasteries to go bare footed on alms, i.e. carry their black alms bowl around, stopping and waiting quietly in front of the houses to receive rice or curries from the people who - again - have the good opportunity to be perform meritorious deeds. That's why the monks don't thank the people for their offerings but instead the people are glad to be given a chance to offer ( which is a highly meritorious deed).


Nowadays more and more westerners are interested in the monks' life and also get ordination in Myanmar. There are monks from all over the world living mostly in meditation monasteries and being highly respected by the Myanmar people who often say that foreign monks are so admirably serious in their meditation practice. If you are interested in becoming a monk - even for a short time only - you can address yourself to any international meditation monastery in Myanmar. It will surely be a unique experience in your life.

Monk in Myanmar