Myanmar Teashops

The Burmese teashop is present everywhere in towns or villages and is a good place to watch the people, as they are usually crowded at every hour of the day. They serve as meeting places for all kinds of people and have a high importance on the social level. They are indoor as well as outdoor places; sometime only a few tables and chairs on the pavement will make this spot a teashop.


The word "chair" might be confusing as in fact sitting facilities in a teashop come as tiny wooden or plastic stools that some might wrongly take for the kids' corner.


As soon as you have managed to take a seat, order a cup of the delicious Burmese tea that comes in a sweeter and in a less sweet version-up to you. Anyway it is always milk tea with sweet condensed milk, being served in quite a small cup and although you might wish to order one or two more, Burmese customs " allows" one cup for one "sitting" (you might as well change the teashop for a second cup or ignore Burmese customs and order as many as you like). Besides of the tea or Burmese coffee that is also worth a try, you should have a closer look at the snacks; there are lots of them to be discovered. The snacks in teashops are either Indian-like or Chinese-like.


The Indian-style shop offers dishes and snacks like, whereas in the second type you can eat steamed buns (Pauksi) stuffed with different kinds of meat and vegetables or a sweet pea paste. Another delicious snack that is eaten mostly in the morning is called "ei kyar kway", crispy long deep-fried pastries. Fried egg rolls, salads, fried rice and vegetable rolls are favorite dishes as well. And of course "Mohingar" is not to miss.

Myanmar Teashops