Northern Shan State

The favorite of the old British Hill Stations is a picturesque village surrounded by pine forest. It is also an ideal starting point for visit to the minority ethnic groups living in the neighboring villages on hill. Such as Palaung people, Taungyoe people, Danu people. One may see them in market day of Kalaw held once every five days. Pindaya Several kilometers east of Kalaw, en route to Kalaw from Heho airport, there's a village called

Villages of the Pa-o and Danu minorities are situated both sides of the road to Pindaya. Pindaya cave is famous for its thousands of carving Buddha Image preserved inside it. Traditional Shan umbrella work in Pindaya is also to observe.

Inle Lake
The major tourist attraction in Shan State, situated 1328 meters above sea level and surrounded by blue mountain range of Shan State. It is famous for its unique culture such as leg rowers, floating farms, floating market and traditional fishing method. Phaungdawoo Pagoda, and Ngaphechaung monastery should be visited when you are in Inle. One may also visit gold smith and iron smith work at Ywama village, silk weaving at Inpawkhon village and shan cheroot making work at Nam Pan village.

Capital of Shan state is the center of business and cultural activity. Wish fulfilling Pagoda, Taunggyi museum and Lay Kyun Simi hilltop Pagoda are places to visit. Fire Balloon festival of Taunggyi is enjoyable.

One may travel day return from Taunggyi to this Pa-o village. It has over 2000 ancient stupas with origins dating back many centuries in Pa-O Territory