Overnight Trekking - 3 Days / 2 Nights


Based from Kalaw

The inhabitants of Yasakyi village are Palaungs. They always wear their national costumes. The population is about 300 only. This village is situated at the altitude of 6200 feet above sea level. The Palaungs have their own language and scripts like the Shans and the Paos whereas the Danus have only spoken language. Palaung language comprises of 33 consonants like Myanmar. A custom of the Palaungs is also remarkable because they usually come to monastery for 2 nights stop so as to keep Sabbath on one day ahead of full- moon day or moon-less day and the day itself. The accommodation will be rather basic at the brick monastery.


3 Days / 2 nights trekking tour

(Kalaw - Phaung Taw - Yasakyi - Taung Paw Gyi - Pindaya)


Day 1: Kalaw - Paung Taw (Danu village)

After breakfast, leave hotel with trekking fuide and porters for whole day trekking to the South - East of Shan mountain ranges, passing through some Pa O, Palaung and Da Nu villages. It is nearly 1 hr - 1hr 20min from one village to another. Lunch boxes will be prepared. From Kalaw 1 hr walk to Myinn Kut (Pa O & Danu) village, 1-1 ½ hr to Zedi Kone (Pa O & Danu), Naung Ye (Pa O) villages, Phaung Taw (Danu). Overnight at Phaung Taw monastery.



Day 2: Phaung Taw - Yasakyi (Palaung village)

Early morning trekking 45 min from Paung Taw to Myinemue (Danu) village, Kyaung Soe Kone (Danu) village, Tat Poke (Danu) village, Min Taing Pin (Danu), Lunch at Myin Twin (Danu) village. And then 1- 1 ½ hr to Taung Myint Gyi (Palaung) village and 1- 1 ½ hr to Yasakyi (Palaung) village.


Palaung is animist tribe considered to be one of the earliest people to setup in Myanmar. Up to now they have stick to their traditional way to life. The most significant element being their long house where several families stayed together, earning a living from the cultivation of seasonal crops and Say Ywat Kyi leaves used by the Burmese home made cigar to wrap the cheroot. Overnight at Yasakyi.


Day 03. Yasakyi - Taung Paw Gyi - Pindaya

After breakfast, early morning trekking to Mount Yasakyi about 7000 ft above sea level, the spot that offers you panoramic views. Continue to trek Htut Ni, then back to Pindaya. End of service or tour extends.


3 Days / 2 nights trekking tour

(Kalaw - Nant Thale - Htee Tain - Kaung Daing (Inle Lake))


Day 1

After breakfast transfer from hotel to meeting point by private coach. Start for trekking about 1 ½ hour walks to Lu Pin village where Danu tribes reside. Continue about 30minutes to Shar Pin village and 25 minutes to Pann Lone pagoda hill for lunch with picnic box. After lunch, proceed to Pao villages. Walk again 45jminutes to Pann Lone village and another 45 minutes to Linn Pan village. Then to Taung Kwe village minimum 30minues trek and 35 minutes again to Nant Thale village. Traditional dinner & overnight at Nant Thale monastery.


Day 2

Breakfast at the Nant Thale monastery. After breakfast continue 2nd day trekking to Pao mountainous. Trek to Baw Nin Gone village for 45 minutes and then 45 minutes more for Htun Gone village. Lunch will be served at village. After lunch proceed to Kan Hla Gone village about 1 hour, Pe Tu pauk village for 2 hour and after 30minutes you will be at the 2nd day destination village: Htee Taing village. Dinner and overnight at Htee Tain monastery.


Day 03

Breakfast at the Htee Tain monastery. After breakfast, continue for 3rd and last day trekking to Inle Lake pass through Pao villages. Trek to Kyauk su village about 30 minutes and another 1 hr to Ngoak village. On the way to Ngoak village you can taste the panoramic view of Inn Lake. Then 1hour go down for Taung Che village where Inn Tahrs reside. 45minutes later, you will be in Than Taung village, your enthusiastic destination. Farewell lunch at Thann Taung monastery. Walk along the village a bout 30minutes to Tann Taung Jetty for Khaung Daing or Nyaung Shwe by boat about 45 minutes.


Trekking Tips:

The under-mentioned items are recommended for your trekking journey.


At the villages you'll be given just simple needs like pillow, quilt and mosquito net. Some toiletries are required and well water or stream water will be available for bathing and washing hands. There is no separate bathing room. We also suggest you to bring 2 pairs of clothes as the main luggage to direct to the destination hotel by car.


Mouthwash and for gargling, mineral water bottle is recommended. Other needs are sunglasses, matches, Mosquito repellent, thick and long sleeve shirt for night ware, touch light, some essential first aid kid, good gripping trekking boots (depending on the weather), hat, sun cream, some cookies or biscuits if lunch is late . Some candies to hand out to the kids on the way.



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