Nat Ma Taung Trekking ( Natmataung or KhawNuThum or Mount.Victoria )



Natmataung or KhawNuThum or Mount.Victoria is the highest mountain in Chin State and reaches an altitude of 3053 metres. It is situated 100 km west of Bagan. The area is famous for the woman of the Chin tribes who have their faces tattooed.


Shwedagon PagodaDay 1: Bagan - Chauk - Kampalat by car

Started from Bagan, depart for Kampalat about 100 miles for 8-hour drive, across Ayeyarwaddy River over bridge. On the way you may have opportunity to see some of the prominent local birds of lowland area. Kampalat is an old British settlement town situates 4560 ft above sea. The temperature is cool year round and pleasant. Lunch on the way, dinner and overnight at Chin Village resort.



Day 2: Kampalat - AyeSakan (trekking + car)

 After breakfast, drive to Hlalaungban village trek junction - 6 mile andhalf. Junction to Hlalaungban village for an hour and 15 minutes trekkingdown along mountains. At the Chin village, opportunity to observe way of life in Chin tribe. You could note Chin tribe women wearing various pattern of tattoo on their face. Return to road junction. Depart for AyeSakan 5700 ft above sea. Same route from village to motor road junction and about 14 miles for an hour drive through evergreen forest with large oaks and laurels which later changes in to a dry low pine forest with rhododendron. Lunch break at Mt Victoria junction. It is quite attractive sceneries with numerous kinds of native birds. Enjoy your stay and exploration in Mt Victoria forest. Proceed to Ayesakan village by car where you can see Mindut at 4860 ft right on the other side of the mountain. Dinner and overnight at Aye Sakan village.


Shwedagon PagodaDay 3: AyeSakan - Kyarrdo - Mindut (car/trekking)

Today riding on car up traffic about 30 minutes. Leave the jeep at village trekking path and trek to Kyarrdo village about 1 hour. Lunch at village and visit Chin houses. At 3 PM, hiking down along Cheik Chaung small river 10 to 15 feet wide for an hour and 30 minutes. Your jeep will be waiting at CheikChaung bridge and next 30 minutes up hill drive to Mindut. This uphill drive provides magnificent view of the mountains. In Mindut you may see by chance, various Chin traditional dances (frighten away the monkey to protect their crops, dance when someone dies, ritual offering dance, frightening evils dance. Dinner and overnight at Victoria or Khraw-noo guesthouse.


Day 4: Mindut - Pontaung - KyaunChaung - Bagan (jeep)

 Drive to Pauk, crossing over Pontaung about 45 miles for 4 hour. Pontaung and Ponnyar mountain range is very famous among archaeologist as primates discovered by the International team of the fossilized remains found from Pontaung formation about 34 to 50 million years. The team discovered fragments of such animals as turtle, crocodile, rhinoceros, and pig in Pontaung stone layers. Lunch stop at Pauk. Continue to Kyunchaung about 40 miles about 2 and half hour, across Ayeyarwaddy River by craft ferry and continue to Bagan. Dinner and overnight in Bagan.



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