Our offered Wedding Ceremony

 The bride and groom are taken to their place in the stage by Master of ceremonies. The master of ceremony reads the Aubur-Zar, eulogy and oversees the performance of the marriage rites such as placing a fourfoot long chain around the couple’s necks, putting their hands together with palms facing each other, immersing their joined hands in a silver bowl containing scented water and soon. At the conclusion of the ceremony the guests are entertained with music & refreshments. The newlyweds greet the guests and thank them for gracing the occasion with their presence. After the festivities are over, the young couple pay respect (Kadaw) to the respective parents and elders. The newlyweds then proceed to prominent pagodas and say prayers for “successive long marriage life”. And follows music and food for honorable events.

Among the Bagan Ancient temples.
Food and process for traditional wedding reception as follows:
1. To choose 1 – couple for Bridegroom & Bride in your group.
2. To choose 2 – singles (male and female) for Bridegroom-maid & Bridesmaid in your group.
3. To choose 2- Couples for bridegroom’s parent & bride’s parent.
4. Music start
5. Wedding Process (about 30 to 45 minutes)
6. Food serve

Note: general arrangement wedding reception with Dinner by Nature Dream Travel. (For example; traditional wedding arrangement, clothes, music, flowers, etc…!


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